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    Shin Kwangho.

    Shin Kwangho’s immense, abstract portraits use large brush strokes of vibrant hues to display his subject’s emotions rather than a face.  An idea of what is beyond the surface of the subject forms thanks to this, allowing a closer emotional connection through color and the liveliness of the paint strokes.  See more below!

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    Natalia Wiernik

    From The Protagonists

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    Lanasutra, by Erik Ravelo.

  10. mymodernmet:

    The Guardian’s Google Street View specialist Halley Docherty has released an incredible new series of images that bring together famous album covers and their modern-day settings. Docherty uses Google Street View to pinpoint the exact location that’s depicted in the album cover, and then meticulously lines up the Street View scene and the album cover so that they blend together seamlessly. The series features albums by iconic artists like Bob Dylan, Oasis, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin.